Sunday, February 5, 2012


CrossFit Heartland is not your typical gym. You won’t see mirrors or isolation machines, but you will see ordinary people of all ages and fitness levels performing the most effective fitness program ever.

We offer a wide variety of functional movements in an intense workout by combining weightlifting, power lifting, strongman, gymnastics, running, swimming, biking, and rowing. These constantly varied workouts get you ready for anything.

Who should join CrossFit Heartland?
  • Anyone bored with his/her current fitness regime
  • Anyone who has fitness as part of his/her job (e.g. firefighters, officers, military, etc.) 
  • Anyone looking to get stronger and faster at a sport
  • Anyone who is looking to get fit but doesn’t know how to create a fitness program
  • Anyone who thinks he/she doesn’t have time to exercise
  • Anyone who wants to be fit
  • Anyone who wants to be able to do ANYTHING that comes your way



I’m 37 years old, a wife, mother of 5 girls, and I work as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist.  I have been pretty active all my life; sports, running, chasing kids, weights (until boredom strikes), and home workouts (until boredom strikes).  I heard about CrossFit a while back from my sister-in-law in Colorado but never really thought about it until a friend approached me.  “Hey, a couple of guys are going to start this CrossFit thing in a garage, sounds like something you might be interested in.  Google it and let me know what you think.”  I thought it looked insane and said, “I’m in!  When do we start?”  That was 5 months ago and I’m still in and love it.  I’m addicted to CrossFit!  Now let me tell you why:

 No Frills Diverse Community:  CrossFit Heartland is a gym with bars, rings, bumper plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, jump ropes, pull-up system, plyo-boxes, whiteboards, stopwatch, kick---music, and people (men and women of all ages) who are there to motivate you, inspire you, push you through the whole butt-kicking WOD (CrossFit term for Workout of the Day), and help you reach your goals.

Camaraderie and Competition:  Others push you to do your best and the little voice inside your head pushes you to BE your BEST!  I have never been to a gym where the person next to me cares if I make it another mile on the treadmill; shave a couple seconds off an endurance workout, challenges me to add another 20lbs to my next dead lift, or stands and cheers me on while trying over and over again to do a kipping pull-up.  By the way, I never knew what a kipping pull-up was before CrossFit.

Inspiring:  I’ve NEVER been able to do pull-ups.  I did my first REAL pull-up on December 27th, 2011.  Not kidding!  Fran WOD today – I added 20lbs and shaved 1 minute off.  Join us to learn more about Fran, she’s FUN!  I’m getting ready to do something else I never imagined doing, Colorado Tough Mudder in June.  Who knew?  Google it, looks FUN!

Challenging:  Waking at 4:30am is a challenge in itself, but I look forward to it.  The workout is different every day and not knowing until you get there is exciting AND scary.  Workouts can last anywhere from 4-20 minutes, are very intense, tend to make you ache, cause your throat and lungs to burn, and may even induce puking.  Did I mention that we have FUN?

Coaches:  I can’t say enough about Tony and Jared.  Anyone can be cool, but these guys are genuinely AWESOME!  Thank you both for your willingness to help me balance Strength and Endurance Training in preparation for upcoming races and Tough Mudder.  Thank you for bringing CrossFit Heartland to Grand Island!

Is CrossFit for everyone?  It has no pre-requisites and no age limit, so quite possibly, it is.  I can’t say, but CrossFit is definitely for me!  It has made such a positive impact on my life:  I have gained confidence, strength (physical and mental), muscle, and have met some great people.  If you’re bored with what you’re doing and ready for a change, come check it out!